Course introduction

The aim of the Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instructing and Personal Training qualification is to train learners to a professionally competent level, enabling them to prescribe, plan and deliver safe and effective exercise programmes developing their knowledge and skills to pursue a career in personal training.

  • Duration: 3 months
  • Starting: Monthly


Level 2 Units

  • A Principles of Anatomy, Physiology and fitness
  • Professionalism and customer care for fitness instructors
  • Health, safety in a fitness environment
  • Conducting client consultations to support positive behaviour change
  • Planning and instructing gym-based exercise

Level 3 Units

  • Applied anatomy and physiology for exercise, health and fitness
  • The principles of nutrition and their application to exercise and health
  • Understanding lifestyle, health, wellbeing and common medical conditions
  • Encouraging positive health and fitness behaviours in clients
  • Programme design and delivery for personal training
  • Professionalism and business acumen for personal trainers

As well as the framework delivered in the Level 3 Diploma in Gym Instruction and Personal Training you can expect to learn the following skills:

  • Social media marketing
  • Building a client base
  • Basic accounting and bookkeeping
  • How to convert free consultations into clients
  • Setting up online personal and group training
  • Business, influence and persuasion
  • Safeguarding

How will you be assessed?

  • Coursework / Project
  • Multiple Choice Examination
  • Portfolio of Evidence
  • Practical Demonstration/Assessment


  • Open to learners aged 19+
  • Repayments start once you're earning over £26,575 a year
  • Once you're earning £26,575 you will pay back 9% of your earnings, before tax
  • Eligibility does not depend on your household income and there is no credit check!

How Repayments are Calculated

  1. Take away £26,575 from your annual salary before tax work out 9% of the remainder
  2. Divide that figure by 12
  3. Round down to the nearest pound

For example, if you were earning £27,575

£27,575 + £26,575 = £1,000

9% of £1000.00 = £90.00

£90/12 = £7.50

So rounded down your monthly repayment would £7.00

The interest rate on your Advanced Learner loan will vary and depend on the UK Retail Price Index. The rate is calculated at RPI plus 3%.

Level 3 Progression Routes

  • Personal Trainer £14-22k / Year
  • Sports Coach £14-35k / Year
  • Health Trainer £16-28k / Year

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