Become a work experience employer

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Some young people are keen to take the first steps to employment but have not yet gained any workplace skills.  This is where you can be an important part of a young person’s progression into employment.

You can, either:

  • Offer a placement for a young person complete one of our traineeships.
  • Offer a placement for a young person completing one of our college-based Study Programmes.

These two options are a great way for you to give a short-term commitment to a young person and build up their workplace skills which will enable them to advance onto Apprenticeship

You may be happy to offer this progression route yourself or they can progress to another employer.

The new Government incentive which runs from 1st August 2020 until 31st January 2021 means that all employers providing traineeship work placements will receive £1,000 incentive.

If you are unable to offer a work experience placement then maybe you can come into college and give a talk to learners about working in your industry?

If you have a vacancy or are interested in getting involved in training learners, please call us on 01375 840652 and speak with one of our Recruitment Team.